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VISOPHONIC integrates state of the art robotics, combining hardware and artificial intelligence resulting in a system that can operate in a wide range of weather conditions, identifying a range of typical transponder free craft. Listening and seeing are basic instincts when humans scout for an intruder. VISIOPHONIC combines these senses to form a robust detection system.

Cargo Retention System

The Cargo Retention System [CRS] is an integral part of a drone cargo handling system. The CRS design provides a means to carry parcels weighing as high as 30Kg, while guaranteeing they will detach from the mechanism with ease using very low power.  Although often the case with power gripper systems,  our system does not impact the cargo parcel. Connecting directly to the flight controller via a standard servo interface, serial, CAN Bus or with GPIO outputs for control and status monitoring, the device can be installed within minutes.

Non-cooperative aircraft detection module

VISIOPHONIC module which can detect transponderless proximate aerial craft and obstacles in the vicinity of our drones. Our unique solution utilises a joint vision and audio model to produce highly confident obstacle detections in varied environments. Moreover, our distinct mechanical system combines a wide angle and telephoto camera to find potential obstacles at greater distances.

Powerful AI trained in real world scenario's and simulations

Combining video & audio detection in an easy to install module

Example of audio detection while craft is powered on and throttled. We can still detect other craft with audio.


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