C.F Motor

Under Development

World's first Circumferential Flux Motor


About our C.F Motor

At Motion-Robotics we believe the future of drones is in electric flights. Specifically the in the realm of heavy lift drones where I.C.E engines are dominant today. Our C.F Motor is the innovation in electric motors that has been needed since 1837.  




The future of robotics relies upon advances in actuator design, sensors, battery power technologies, AI methods and material science.

The Circumferential Flux motor represents an important advance in electric motor design. Motion Robotics has developed the motor to achieve demanding torque, power and efficiency critically required by all types of electric vehicle and drone.

Axial Motor

Radial Motor


Unlike the radial and axial motors the permanent magnets do not pass the energizing coils in a sideways fashion, instead the magnets fly through the coils, like a circumferential solenoid.

What's different?

There is no lamination required, so the motor is significantly lighter, has zero eddy current loses, zero cogging, is cheaper to build and the coil inductance is very low meaning that the power factor is close to 1 naturally, implying maximum power factor efficiency.

Lighter, cheaper and more efficient
Passively cooled 

The volume provided to the coil area allows much more copper to be wound. This means the coil winding resistance can be as slow as 0.005 ohms. So for a current of 100 amps, whereas a coil of 0.1 ohms will dissipate 1 Kilowatt of heat, our motor will dissipate 50 Watts, less than a household lamp. The heat generated must be cooled. This leads to more complexity in the motor, weight and cost. Whereas our motor can be naturally air cooled like a household lamp.


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