Under Development

Efficient heavy goods transportation


2.8 x 2.8 m

1h flight time

600 Litres

40Kg Payload



CARRY is our largest drone focused on goods transportation in Greece and Lagos as part of the STAR project as well as a world wide solution.  



Heavy loads or large volume

CARRY is being developed to carry heavy loads or loads with high volume, capable of carry up to 40Kg or 600  Litres.

Efficient shipping

CARRY is designed to transport essential cargo such as medicines and spare parts between ship and shore or shore and off-shore platforms, offering drastic savings over coming into dock or for deliveries by ferries or helicopter.


We are using our developing SLAM and AprilTag system to land, take-off and fly CARRY in an automated eco-system, which is especially challenging on moving ships.

Unreal engine simulations



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