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About End - End Automation

At Motion-Robotics we believe that we will only have true end - end drone transport solutions when we have attended to the technology automating the two ends and linking it with tracking and production/consumption.

While aerial unmanned drones have become more capable and provide the potential to carry cargo, what systems are available to enable the drones to be loaded, carry, and release the cargo autonomously? What systems will attend the landed cargo or the parcels awaiting for delivery? Who will look after the drones?

Below are some of the products we will be launching in the very near future.


In flight and End-End Automation Solutions

Motion Winch

Motion Winch is an ideal integral part of a drone cargo handling system.

The winch's patent applied for design guarantees a "never jam" thread winding system capable of carrying loads up to 25Kg.


Combined with a release system that auto-releases the parcel upon touching the ground, the system is highly effective for delivery to unsafe landing locations. Click on the link under the images on the right for a full length video of the winch.

The winch connects directly to the flight controller via a standard servo interface, serial, CAN Bus and has GPIO outputs for control and status monitoring.

With different fixings, Motion Winch can be easily integrated into any drone chassis. For convenience during loading, the winch has a wired fob, allowing manual control to reel in and out.

winch for web 2.png

Motion Wedge

Motion Wedge is an ideal integral part of a drone cargo handling system.

The wedge's patent applied for design provides a means to carry parcels weighing as high as 30Kg, while guaranteeing they will detach from the mechanism with ease using very low power. Although often the case with power gripper systems,  our system does not impact the cargo parcel.

Accompanied by a range of accessories for fitting, Motion Wedge will be placed inside the cargo hold or on the under belly of the craft.

Connecting directly to the flight controller via a standard servo interface, serial, CAN Bus or with GPIO outputs for control and status monitoring, the device can be in service within minutes.

Motion Winch weighs less than 180 grams and can be used with any size parcel up to a Royal Mail large size. 

wedge for web actual.png

Motion Wedge Working Prototype

Example of the Motion-Robotics Ltd wedge in action. Being tested for payload capcity and real world testing in the field

Motion Abseil

Motion Abseil can be used to deliver items rapidly and is ideal if the drone must be in and out in a flash. The abseil patent applied for design provides a means to drop a parcel almost at the speed of free fall.

Similar to friction based abseils, the parcel has a thread which holds onto the parcel during the fall.


What makes the Motion Abseil different? The Motion Abseil decelerator system slows the parcel to nearly zero velocity just before reaching the ground. At this point the system un-hooks itself from the drone, without any action taken by the drone.

To ensure the environment is not cluttered by long lines of thread (which could endanger children and animals)​ Motion Abseil winds the thread back into itself. Motion Abseil is made using biodegradable card and can be mass produced similar to any packaging accessory.

Concept 1 - rendering 2.jpg

Motion Abseil

Note how the parcel slows down at just the correct height before it auto-releases the hook in the drone. Look carefully and you will see the hook being reeled back into the parcel. No string litter here! 

This video shows work performed in collaboration with IDU Group and IDU SMART Box

Motion Rover

Motion Robotics is building robots that will load and unload cargo from drones fully autonomously.

A reduction in human drone interaction will increase safety, reduce the need for re-training of hospital or warehouse staff, and reduce the scope of human error. Running long hours in full automation will help make drone transport more competitive against human loading unloading alternatives.

Motion Rover will also assist in the garaging of drones and relay of parcels to different departments or buildings.


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