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About Us

Motion-Robotics Ltd is first and foremost a robotics company. We specialise in automation of Aerial, Ground Drones & Automated infrastructure. Combining these areas of expertise into innovative products to support and grow the automation industry. 

Motion Robotics is Partnered with... 

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Drone Logistics is a new and exciting market full of new ideas. But we belive that to make this market viable we will need to create a standard for reliable and autonmous tasks. Therefore we are heavily involeved with Research and development of the best interfaces and complient mechanisims that will be needed to make this industry viable.

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Motion-Robotics Ltd are developing the ALGR platform alongside an AI system to enable Inteliport Ltd internal operations.

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Motion Robotics is focusing on drone technology applied to the special needs of sensitive rapid  parcel transport. Concerns about cargo handling relate to whether environmental conditions during the flight, such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, vibration, shock etc. can degrade the cargo contents.

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end to end

Motion-Robotics   Mission Statement

Our mission is to meet the operational challenges of aerial drone systems leveraging robotics, innovation and artificial intelligence. We strive to add value and lead new research in intelligent actuator automation and reducing unsafe, labour intensive, human interaction. We strive to realise a future where robotics and automation facilitates the betterment of humanity across the globe.

At Motion-Robotics we believe that we will only have true end - end drone transport solutions when we have attended to the technology automating the two ends and linking it with tracking and production/consumption.

While aerial unmanned drones have become more capable and provide the potential to carry cargo, what systems are available to enable the drones to be loaded, carry, and release the cargo autonomously? What systems will attend the landed cargo or the parcels awaiting for delivery? Who will look after the drones?

About End to End Automation

Winch with Contact Release System

The Winch Contact Release System WCRS weighs less than 180 grams and can be used with any size parcel up to a Royal Mail large size. 

The Contact release mechanism is a simple yet effective way to lower a parcel safely to the ground while allowing the retention of the tether. Remaining locked and secure during parcel loading/flight. The Contact Release is kinetically unlocked during the descent. Allowing for reliable and repeatable contact release on ground. 

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Automated Loading & Garaging Rover ALGR

The ALGR system can be integrated into a plethora of scenarios. This system positions itself under a drone to receive and even load payloads. ALGR is even capable of transporting drones from the landing pad to a garage zone for repairs and maintenance. Allowing an increase of operations on a smaller footprint.

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TITAN Drone platform

Titan is our primary UAV test platform. Built in house with a custom carbon fibre frame and novel battery architecture, this system boasts a 15 kg payload capacity and 40 minute flight time. An underslung rail mounting system makes for a flexible platform to mount a variety of sensing or payload modules, including our patent pending Cargo Retention System.

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Crash and Spillage Proof container research

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Motion Robotics is researching how sensitive items should be handled during drone transport.

When handling certain chemicals , such as cytotoxic cancer treatments, classed as dangerous goods, care must be taken to ensure that the cargo packaging is crash proof.

Moreover, the contents must never leak from the containers and spillage procedures must be in place should this occur.


Several methods are under development including use of new materials and structures, some of which use generative design to create crash protection frames with strong organic influence. 

We are always looking to connect with bright minds and visionary investors.

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