"Making things move"


Our student friendly, autonomous and modular drone.


Rapid autonomous point to point delivery of medical supplies.


A largest payload drone, great for transporting heavy goods.


Innovative new design of the first ever Circumferential Flux Motor. 

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On going Innovate UK projects

STAR Project

Sky Transport Autonomous Robots

Explored in three use cases, the STAR project looks at the future of transportation using drones in situations where there are water ways or congested traffic.

1] Using drones to transport medical and pathology samples urgently between Southampton General and the Isle of Wight.

2] Greece is comprised of many tiny islands separated by water often inaccessible via ground based methods of transportation. Drones are being used to transport important legal documentation between the islands within an hour, as well as from ships to the shore line and the shore line to ships.

3] Lagos, Nigeria, has a huge congestion problem causing delays to their postal service. Large drones are being used to transport large quantities of mail and parcels around Nigeria’s largest city.